Ice Studies

Polar regions are hazardous working environments due to their remoteness and the extreme weather and ice conditions. Being properly prepared is essential for any undertaking in the Arctic or Antarctic. Our experienced and professional ice scientists can provide you with the best possible information and advice when planning your next venture into ice covered waters.

Perhaps your organisation operates in particular parts of the Arctic or Antarctic and needs an analyses of previous ice conditions and a professional assessment of the ice risk at a particular time of the year?

Our Ice Analysis service comprises in-depth research into your regions of interest and considers a wide range of ice and environment-related parameters from a variety of sources to give you the information you need in order to make an informed decision. Included in the service is the production of a comprehensive report with information about such things as:

  • ice and weather history
  • expected weather conditions
  • ice thickness expectations
  • recent and projected ice drift and dynamics
Sea ice analysis of Vanmijen Fjord based upon Sentinel-2 satellite data
Sea ice analysis of Vanmijen Fjord based upon Sentinel-2 satellite data

A final report will summarise the collected data and provide an expert analysis into the expected conditions for the anticipated time period of your venture. Equipped with this information you can confidently assess risks and make good decisions.

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