Field Support

Over the past few years Drift+Noise has supported various polar expeditions in the decision making process related to ice, navigation and the environment, including the 2018 ice trials for RV Kronprins Haakon and the 2022 Endurance22 expedition, which successfully located Sir Ernest Shackleton's famous ship - Endurance in the Weddell Sea, Antarctica.

In addition to near-realtime ice navigation support onboard of your ship we support your ice breaker performance tests (also known as ice trials) with our Shipborne Ice Thickness Measurements.

Sea ice thickness is an important decision making parameter. For instance, it is important that your newly-constructed ice breaker meets the required performance criteria, so that it is able to successfully and efficiently break ice of a certain thickness.

Using our shipborne electromagnetic sounding service, you can receive current ice thickness values on board and in realtime, which you can then compare against other ship parameters such as thrust and engine load. The short video below shows the orange electromagnetic sounding system (owned by the Alfred Wegener Institute) measuring ice thickness from the bow of a ship.

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