User Documentation

FTP access via WinSCP

Users wishing to access their delivered data products on our FTP server need to use an FTP application which supports encrypted connections (SSL). On Windows, the recommended application for this task is WinSCP.


To install WinSCP you first need to download the application from the WinSCP homepage. Either navigate to and click on the Download Now button, or simply visit the download page directly.

WinSCP homepage

Once the file has downloaded, navigate to the Downloads folder on your computer and double click on the WinSCP-<version>-Setup file. You should see a window like that shown below.

License acceptance window

Click on Accept to accept the license and continue with the setup process. Next you will be asked if you wish to customise the installation.

Select typical installation window

A custom installation isn't necessary, so just accept the default option (Typical installation) and click on Next to continue.

One can also specify how one uses WinSCP visually. The default option (commander style) is again the best choice, so again click on Next to continue.

Use initial settings

The setup process is now complete and one can now install the software.

Start installation

Simply click on the Install button to finalise the installation.

It's possible that you are now asked to import settings from PuTTY (another communications program).

Import PuTTY settings window

It shouldn't be necessary to import settings from PuTTY, so just click on No to continue. Now a window will appear showing advertising for one of the WinSCP project's sponsors; simply click on Next to continue. The installation should now be finished, and the completion screen should appear:

Installation complete window

Click on Finish to complete the installation process and to start WinSCP.

Connecting to the DNPS FTP server

Upon starting WinSCP, one is presented with a login window where one can enter the information required to connect to an FTP server on the internet. In our case, we wish to connect to the DNPS FTP server: To successfully connect to the server, ensure that the following session settings are specified:

File protocol:
TLS/SSL Explicit encryption
Host name:
Port number:

Your login window should look like this:

WinSCP connection setup

Now it is merely a matter of entering your username and password into the appropriate fields and then to click on Login to connect to the FTP server. If you wish to save your settings for the future, click on the Save button after you have entered your username and password information and before you have clicked on Login.