Ice Pad Installation Instructions

Note: this installer is only for Windows-based systems.

After having registered to use the IcePad and downloaded the zip archive, navigate to your Downloads folder and right-click on the file and select Extract All.... A folder called IcePad will be created in the Downloads folder. Open the IcePad folder and double click on the IcePad_Setup_Antarctic.exe file to begin the installation. Note that it might be necessary to run the installation program as an administrator. To do this, right-click on the file and select Run as administrator.

Run IcePad installation program as administrator

It's possible that you now get a warning that the file doesn't come from a trusted source. Select Run anyway to run the installation setup program anyway.

The installation setup program will now start. You will be presented with a dialog to select your desired language for the installation. Select English from the dropdown menu if not already displayed and click Ok to continue.

Select IcePad installation language

You will now be requested to select the destination location for the IcePad software. The default value is fine in most cases, so simply click on Next.

Select IcePad destination location

Now you will be asked to select a Start Menu folder location. Again, the default location is ok, so just click on Next to continue.

Select IcePad Start Menu folder

When asked to create a desktop shortcut, also just use the default option and click Next.

Create IcePad desktop shortcut

IcePad is now ready to be installed; simply click on Install to continue.

IcePad now ready to install

You might notice that some Microsoft redistributable libraries will be installed as part of this installation. This is no cause for concern: they are required for the IcePad to work correctly.

Finally, you will be presented with a dialog to tell you that the software has been installed successfully. By clicking on Finish the installation setup program will be closed and the IcePad software started automatically.

IcePad installation completed

If you left the Launch IcePad option checked when you clicked on Finish then you will be presented with the IcePad application in full-screen mode.

IcePad initial screen

Should you wish to exit the application after having used it for a while, choose the Exit option from the Options button in the top left-hand corner.