SVALNAV is coming!

by Panagiotis Kountouris on 2020-03-10

Did you know that accessing state-of-the-art sea-ice information is now easier than ever and comes at NO cost?

Our team is working hard to make that happen and we are pleased to inform you that SVALNAV is soon to be released. Sea-ice concentration, accurate ice drift forecasts, and radar images will be available for the Svalbard area to assist your operations. Are you curious how would the graphical interface look like? Above you can see a snapshot of the software!

Are you planning adventure cruises, fishing activities, or are you involved in strategic planning for national authorities? With SVALNAV you will have the most up-to-date sea-ice information at your fingertips. Visit the SVALNAV website and keep up with the news to be informed about the release date and how you can use and benefit from this data.